Welcome to the Great America Wiki Page!

We are going to use this page to collect information about our Great America project! Along with writing up your standard lab reports and handing them in to Mr. Hamann, we are going to share some additional information on this Great America Wiki Page!

Q - What do you have to do?

A - In order to get credit for contributing to the Great America Wiki, you will need to do two things...

  1. Click on the "Group Photos" page and upload a picture of you group at Great America. If you picture loads and is taking up too much space on the page, pleae drag the corner of the picture to minimize it and make it roughly the same size as the example picture provided. Do not put your names, just post the photo...I can recognize you!
  2. Click on the link of each of the rides you studied. When at the appropriate page, click "edit this page" and add something to your rides page! It can be a picture you took, something you measured or an answer to one of the questions from the lab writeup. I can track who made each change to the website so you will get credit based upon your participation and the quality of your information!