wizzer.jpgThe Whizzer

The whizzer is 70Feet tall and its maximum speed is 42mph.
This ride has 1,920 guests per hour.
The Whizzer was designed in 1976 as a coaster for everyone, including both younger and older guests. Depending on crowd levels, the Whizzer often runs with two trains, but on busy days, it may run three.

This was the first ride ever to have a spiral track to gain P.E. or height. XD.
This ride has the greatest amount of potential energy at the top of the spiral.

The ride has a duration of 2 minutes.
It was ranked number 47 on the top steel roller coasters of 2009.

People were going to get on this ride but it got stuck.

I got on this ride with Leslie, Roxy, Yuri & Mr, Hamann. Since Mr. Hamann is still tall when he is sitting, when we past a tree branch he said he almost hit a tree! haha :D