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The Demon was originally called the turn of the century .After the 1979 season, the Demon was heavily modified. The airtime hills after the first drop were removed and replaced with two back to back vertical loops and a lighted tunnel.

Well me, Hamann, Palmer, Matz, and peter went on the Demon after the ride was done I ran off and puked agian over the railing.

I learned that if you go the wrong way to the entrance the snotty operator will yell at you.

I got scared when it came to the loops and especially when it came to going through the dark cave.
The Gurnee Accident
In 1998 23 passengers were stuck up-side on one of the loops after the rollercoastercame to an unexpected halt. Firefighters had to use a cherry picker to take down the passengers, while 4 were taken to the hospital for possible harm.