The American Eagle
external image american_eagle_2.jpg
The American Eagle is a two track racing wooden roller coaster, it was built in 1981.
It has a current world records of fastest, longest, and fastest racing wooden rollercoaster.

This wooden roller coaster seats six people per cart and there is five cart seats a total of 30 people, but there is two roller coaster going on at the same time which would add 30 more people.
American Eagle has a large drop of about 146 ft.
It can go as fast as 65 to 66 mph throughout the whole ride there is different times where the rides accelerates.

over 15 tons of nails were used to construct the american eagle
you need to be 48" to enter and it's top speed is 66 MPH

The Eagle can fit a max capacity of 60 people. Its one of the loudest roller coasters in Great America. And its the only roller coaster in Six Flags that runs 2 coasters at the same time and the only roller coaster that rides in reverse. X)
But now they have switched that car and now they both ride facing foward.

external image eagle.gif

This massive dual-track wooden racing coaster spans almost the entire southern edge of the park. The first drop of the American Eagle is 55-degrees.The American Eagle was painted with over 9,000 gallons of white paint and took over 20,000 man hours to build.

The American Eagle was designed Intamin AG, Curtis D. Summers in 1981.