Superman Ultimate Flight

it's the only coaster with a pretzel shaped loop.
The first drop is ~109ft.
The fastest this roller coaster goes is 26.8 m/s, which is about 60 mph.

Its the first and only roller coaster to ride laying down. It has the LONGEST waiting line at full capacity. Maximum 4 hour wait.
On the superman, they are 32 cars on it.

the wait to get on the superman on the first row was about 45 minutes long. It is scary at the beginning when the ride it going up and looking down.
external image IMG_0262.JPG

The ride's signature element is its 78-foot-tall pretzel loop, the first roller coaster in the world to use one. Six Flags ordered two more versions of the attraction for the 2003 season. One version was installed at Six Flags Great America, and the other was installed at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Although the ride looks tall, it is only 115 feet tall and its drop is only 100 feet. :D
This ride was the first roller coaster i had ever been ON. When i sat on the seat and it went up i was scared and decided to close my eyes during the whole ride because i thought i would have a heart attack ( Stephanie diaz was screaming as if she were being murderer). I felt a lot of pressure on my chest which made it painful
This is one of my favorite rides. The only thing that i dont like about it is the big loop because you feel a lot of pressure on your shoulders.