Ragin Cajun and Dark Knight

WARNING! Ragin' Cajun causes MAJOR whiplash...just sayin'!

This ride was very fun! It was the only rollercoaster I went on that day. It had some very tight turnes and even caused the waterbottle in my bag to burst! The whole rest of the day my back was all wet from the water.

This was the last ride I went on. By this ride i was tired and sick... but i went on it anyway. (me, Palmer, peter, and matz went on this ride).because my stomach and head were already killing me anything that moveed would make me puke and thats just what happened i got off the ride walk to the nearest railing and puked for the Ha ttrick and Hamann now has to give me extra Credit.

The ragin cajun was a very fun ride. The only problem is that it's somewhat dangerous since it shakes a lot. This made me bang my head sometimes and the person sitting next to me. I had to hold on very tight to avoid hitting myself or someone else.

The Dark Knight is a ride that surprises you every corner and the Ragin Cajun was fun ride that gave you a lot of headaches.